The Company

Our mission at Silbiotech, Inc, located in Maryland is to develop innovative, state-of-the-art cancer biomarker based molecular diagnostic tests for early detection and prevention of breast cancer. One of the diagnostic tests developed by Silbiotech, Inc. is a tumor biology based genomic test for women who are diagnosed with precancerous breast tumors which have a high risk of developing breast cancers. A genomic test currently offered by Silbiotech, Inc. is BBDRisk Dx® for determination of the level of risk for developing breast cancer as well as for identification of individuals suitable for preventive measures thereby significantly reducing number of cases of breast cancers.

The Team

The people in the company are the experts in their research and service areas. Click to see the following key team members.

Indira Poola, Ph.D

Founder and President

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Rita Khanna, Ph.D,J.D

Legal Consultant

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Donna Williams, Ph.D

Administrative Director

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Qingqi Yue, Ph.D

Statistician & IT Director

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John Gillespei, MD

Clinical Director

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