The First Biology Based Cancer Risk Test For Undertaking Preventative Treatment Steps

The first molecular biology based cancer risk test for cancer prevention is the BBDRisk Dx® developed by Silbiotech, Inc.

BBDRisk Dx® is the first genomic risk test designed specifically for women diagnosed with precancerous breast masses that have one or more of the following: Atypical Ductal Hyperplasias (ADH), Atypical Lobular Hyperplasias (ALH), Usual Ductal Hyperplasia (UDH), Papilloma, or Sclerosing Adenosis

The BBDRisk Dx® test was developed to address the dilemma patients and healthcare providers face when deciding on the medical management options following the diagnosis of above types of hyperplastic masses. This dilemma is due to the lack of a Clinical Test that could identify subjects who will most likely develop breast cancer. The uncertainty surrounding the risk puts an enormous emotional burden on patients and healthcare providers when deciding whether to undertake a prophylactic therapy.


Currently, preventive treatments are recommended and administered without any molecular basis to patients without knowing their actual risk. As a result, patients who have low risk are over-treated and unnecessarily subjected to side effects of prophylactic therapies or are undergoing unnecessary mastectomies. On the other hand, patients who have real risk but choose not to receive preventative therapies to avoid side effects are not getting the benefit of prevention. The BBDRisk Dx® test now offers molecular insights into the biology of hyperplastic masses to help healthcare providers and patients make informed treatment decisions.